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Hospice Care

Hospice Care

Unique Physical, Spiritual, And Emotional Needs Require Extraordinary Care.

Although the root of hospice care is medical in nature, Holistic Care Home takes a holistic approach to serve the unique needs of patients and their families as thoroughly as possible. Our team of palliative care-certified physicians, registered nurses, social workers, and spiritual care counselors deliver integrated programs and specialized therapies and truly set the Holistic Care Home experience apart.

Exceeding Expectations Makes The Difference.

We Provide:

  • Unparalleled response and same-day admissions
  • Expertise at “Courageous Conversations”
  • Seamless transitions along Residential’s continuum of care: home health, palliative, and hospice
  • Individualized care plans and protocols developed in collaboration with the patient’s physician
  • Support for spiritual, community, and bereavement needs

  • Certified nurse aide visits for personal care and companionship
  • Education to the patient and family on disease progression and management
  • Massage, music, aroma, and pet therapies offered when appropriate and available to address physical
  • and emotional needs

Because hospice care emphasizes supportive services, such as pain control and home care, the benefit allows for home health aid and personal comfort items, which are limited under Holistic Care Home’s main coverage programs. However, services for an unrelated condition or injury, such as a broken bone or unrelated diabetes, are still covered as a regular Holistic Care Home benefit.

Benefit Periods

Hospice care is provided in three benefit periods, and each benefit period requires prior authorization. The first two periods are each 90 days. The final period comprises an unlimited number of 60-day periods, each of which requires recertification of the terminal illness. If a beneficiary revokes a hospice election, any remaining days in that period are forfeited.

Levels of Care

There are four levels of care within the hospice benefit:

  • Continuous home care
  • General hospice inpatient care
  • Inpatient respite care
  • Routine home care

Care within the four levels may include physician services, nursing care, counseling, medical equipment, supplies, medications, medical social services, physical and occupational services, speech and language pathology and hospice short-term acute patient care related to the terminal illness.

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Compassion is at The Heart of Our Care.

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